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KOLBice™ is a freshly baked cone made from seeded pastry with sausages and sauces in various flavours, as well as optional toppings. In the freshly baked, crunchy, whole grain cone, which is made from seeded flour mixture and gluten-free pastry, we place three (four) kinds of uniquely spiced (Bavarian, Hungarian, Italian and curry) sausages made from pork and chicken. We enhance the experience of the meal with toasted onion, Bavarian cabbage, cheese sauce and bacon.

During the creation of KOLBice™ we merged the needs set up for cuisine with traditional nature yet modern appearance. The product is made with high-quality ingredients. Its consumption is not location bounded and the preparation takes only a little time. The sausages, sauces and toppings in the cone can be varied to your taste. Thus, every customer can create his or her own KOLBice™. For the variations only one’s fantasy limits the boundaries.
Our products
Kolbice ClassicKolbice
with cheese sauce
with cheese sauce and toasted onion
with cabbage and bacon
Fittness KOLBiceKOLBice
KOLBice glutenfreiKOLBice
glutenfree with cabbage and bacon
KOLBice CurryKOLBice
KOLBice VegaKOLBice