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KOLBice gluten free with cabbage and bacon

One of our latest developments is the gluten-free KOLBiceTM. In this KOLBiceTM everything is proven gluten-free, cone, pork sausages, toppings and sauces. Following the unfortunate trend of rapidly growing numbers of gluten-sensitive people, we want to serve them and deliver a quality, delicious KOLBiceTM experience.
The freshly baked gluten-free funnel is made from a special flour mixture of gluten-free ingredients, in a 100% gluten-free plant.
Your cone, like cheese sauce, bavarian cabbage, or bacon, just like the optional sauces (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.), are documented gluten free.

4 pieces of Bavarian and 4 Hungarian freshly baked mini-grilled sausages filled with crispy gluten free fries, which are further enhanced with bacon and Bavarian cabbage. The bottom of the cone and the sausages can also be flavored with the three basic sauces.

More variations:
Classic, Cheese sauce, Fitness