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Similarly to our previously introduced products, in KOLBdog™ we mixed the flavours of special pastry, unique flavoured sausages, toppings and sauces. KOLBdog™ is a proper street-food meal which you can enjoy at festivals, events or even on busy weekdays. This product is also made with high quality ingredients, its consumption is not location bounded and the preparation takes only a little time.
The content of KOLBdog™ cannot be varied; it is a pre-prepared food that can be taken away in a labelled attractive paper bag, thereby we can enhance our customers’ satisfaction, and it also generates positive feelings in customers not just toward the meal but toward the event as well.

"Budapest KolbdogTM" is a Hungarian sausage in a special pastry-coating with cheese sauce, cucumber and jalapeno.
"München KolbdogTM"  is a Bavarian sausage in a special pastry coating with mustard, ketchup, cabbage and cooked bacon.
"Berlin KolbdogTM"  brings the ‘currywurst’ experience.
"RómaTM" evokes the flavours of Italy with oregano spiced chicken sausage, parmesan and salad. 
"New YorkerTM" with dried toasted onion, cucumber and ketchup, is offered for those who like traditional flavours.

Our products

Kolbdog Budapest KolbdogTM
Kolbdog München KolbdogTM
KOLBdog Berlin KOLBdogTM
Kolbdog Róma KOLBdogTM
Kolbdog New Yorker KOLBdogTM